My work explores elusive moments in time and tries to capture moods and emotions through movement and colour. It is about distilling the passing of life to the stillness of a surface. To illustrate the fleeting core of emotion as a captured frame of a particular time and reflect it in colour and shape. I try to capture the lack of quietude in our lives and the passing of images as a reflection of the passing of emotions.

Colour is at the core of my work and creates an instinctive connection to it. My starting point is often initiated by colour as an emotional response. I draw from conscious and subconscious memories and emotions of my childhood and mixed cultural backgrounds.

My work draws a parallel between emotional and technological movements and how we are wired for emotions while increasingly wired by technology. Our lives are in permanent motion and we are overwhelmed by moving images. These images are often created for us by an invisible technological web. Similarly, we are subject to a web of emotions, which can be invisible to the outside and beyond our ability to control.

Design: iCulture