I am a visual artist and researcher. Colour is at the core of my work and I try to explore elusive emotions, moments in time, concepts and connections through their relationship to colour. I research various situations, practices and theories where colour is being used, expressed, studied, researched, described, deconstructed or analysed. My approach is inspired by concepts of multiplicity, simultaneity and flux.

I explore multiple sources simultaneously, without any initial judgment or a pre-established sense of direction. My goal is to observe the emergence of new creative paths, new connections, new concepts and flows linking colour to philosophy, language, emotions, conscious or subconscious memories.

I do not try and understand how these areas might exactly and logically relate to each other. Instead, I work through a series of rhizomatic explorations, to observe how these areas of inquiries could lead to unexpected visual outputs. The enterprise has less to do with conscious understanding than with sensing the emergence of a possibility which I translate into colour, shape or text.

Design: iCulture